Friday, March 30, 2012

adiZero Rose

You're up D Rose, finally!

The very first generation of D Rose's signature shoes after the Adidas SuperNatural he has been wearing. The best possible colorways are of course the Bulls homey white and red black away...

Holy moly am I riding on two flat pieces of rock or something? That's my initial feeling when first trying them on. It's like the thing has almost no cushioning at all in there. It's a very hard rocking sole to a point even pair of 白飯魚 feels more comfortable and has more cushions in it. Maybe my socks has worn out? No. It was a pair of close to brand new Adidas crew socks. I was like wtf?

When you look at the out-sole of this shoe where the TPU chassis starts as an external heel counter sweeps under the foot forming a midfoot shank. There are 3 oval-shaped pod in heel plus a detached "Puremotion" in the forefoot. It was supposed to work very well perceiving weight while providing a "guided feel" when slashing around the court. I think it's a great looking piece that makes you confident.

There is also this highly eye catching feature called "Geofit" Adidas created to help enforcing the collar area for better ankle lock-down. The padding seems to made by some molded kind of material to hug your ankle in the 3 areas. Not really sure how they perform but it didn't seem to do much by just putting it on. I don't recommend wearing the no-show kind of socks when playing on these coz the padding will most likely hot spotting your collar. Quarter length socks would be your best bet.

You know what, run away from this shoes if you are the type of guy looking for best possible protection because this WILL NOT do the job. However, the flexibility of Sprint Web that will never fight against you, the Puremotion traction making it light weight and excellent gripping are definitely pro. If you're Rose fan like me, get this thing! Or someone who slashes your way to the rim like I always do, get this thing too! You won't be disappointed.

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