Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crazy, Stupid, "Light"

That would be a great position to stare at. But this ain't nowhere near as crazy as what you're about to see ...

The adiZero Crazy Light

Remember this number, 9.8. The world's lightest basketball shoes ever made, the adiZero Crazy Light weight only 9.8oz. This kick is GREAT! It is a revolutionary product made by Adidas shocking the world with its weight. Excellent on court grip for ball, shaved off absolute everything unnecessary to achieve the maximum weight saving goal by implementing the adiZero Sprint Web on both sides, overlay, and tongue area while maintaining excellent ankle re-enforcement. The Sprint Web is crazily flexible and immediate responses for any type of rough turn / cornering situation, big pro here! People were complaining the lack of ankle protection, which imo they are simply asking for the world. The Crazy Light has been awesome for ankle lock-down especially when combining the use of the SpeedWrap, or without it. 

This purple one you see in the pictures was made for women only, which is no different than the men's except down sized for about 1. Been rocking on my blue but no plan on popping this super nice purple what so ever. It's such a waste I know... but seriously, I really don't wanna destroy it. Would you?

The Crazy Light comes with two types of insoles. Performance and comfort. The performance is slightly thinner to take advantage of lower gravity, great for ball. If you decided to walk on normal street then you have the option to replace it with the comfort. I have yet tried the comfort myself but it should be really comfortable as it has more cushioning on such a light weight shoes

Special thanks to the guy SLL who helped me copping this. You deserve the credit. Unfortunately he's got an ugly face, a complete mis-match to such a great shoes...
Keep in mind they are designed for hardwood court purpose, use it at your own risk if playing outdoor crappy fields
Crazzzzy light...

So, the question is... Blue... 
Or "Purple the Model"...  =D


  1. The shoe is too nice to wear, and as I heard from Adidas,they only sell this to some handsome guy so that's y u need SOMEONE to pick that up for U. :P

    1. Who in Adidas would call some random dude telling them to pick it up only because they're handsome... Get back to the reality and try not to day dream too much while at work