Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shox BB4 Vince Carter - Olympics HOH

12 years ago Nike's Shox cushioning system was still a new technology, the shock absorbing and returned system was once thought to be the future of Nike's cushioning. Inspired by space suits for the upper and very futuristic design overall back in the days. We all know how this shoes changed the game: Vince Carter!

After 12 years Nike is celebrating the year 2000 men's Olympic basketball team's gold medal run with a limited release of this spectacular classic Shox BB4, known to be rocked by Vince Carter during the 2000 Olympic games. This Olympic Shox BB4 is most recognized as it was worn by Carter dunking over French 7-footer Frederick Weis making it one of the most iconic dunks of all time. See below if you don't remember what happened.

Sick eh?

This Olympic BB4 release is almost identical to the original release back in year 2000. By blending the team USA colorway with a combination of high quality white leather and midnight-navy blue nubuck, except the varsity red on the tongue and heel detailing separate them from the original release. I say this is one of the best quality kicks ever released by Nike in terms of craftmanship and material used.

Zoom unit under the forefoot area with herringbone in combination of Shox in heel. This shoes provides excellent grip and court feel. Its super tight snug feel is also a key feature. It cramps your feet down tightly secured making it zero movement making it very comfortable doing all kinds of slashing. 

I do have mixed feeling about the BB4. Because of the nature of material the BB4 is quite heavy and has very poor ventilation soaking up my socks badly after 2 hours of playing. Also I didn't get much feeling of energy absorption instead it felt quite stiff of the insole especially when heel striking. According to the #1 BB4 fanboy SLL this shit would take about 4 to 5 times of play in order to break in properly, which does makes sense as majority of older generation balling kicks do require quite a bit of time before it gets fully broken in. It should feel better if I get to gain a few more pounds. =)


  1. This is da best shit ever made by Nike. Nice review and nice pics, gotta have a few pairs for backup since nike's qualty become BETTER and BETTER.

    1. It is one good shit indeed. When are you picking up your 4th pair?