Saturday, October 20, 2012

Zoom Rookie - Memphis Blue

I was once told by a dumbass buddy saying I have written too much as any sneakerheads would have known all sneakers specs, news from many famous online sites / blogs. Damn this lazy guy wants to see more pics but less readings lol...

Was going start a separate Penny project with all my lovely Pennies but figured it may not for everyone. So lets kick off from the school years back when Penny was in the Memphis State University, the Zoom Rookie Memphis Blue.

The Zoom Rookie inspired from each signature shoes that brought Penny my man to become who he is today, and to celebrate his career on court. Mainly inspired from the very first signature of Penny Hardaway, the Air Flight One which I'll talk and post more at a later time.

The upper featuring the mixture of nubuck, leather, and Foamposite shell for support. The best part is only a tiny swoosh was stitched on the toe box area unlike the Foamposite Pro big ass swoosh ruining the whole shoe.

It features full length Zoom unit and full herringbone outsole for maximum traction. It does offer excellent grip but for a pair of basketball shoes it is not the most comfortable one  if balling in. It didn't feel like there was any cushioning for some reason making it very stiff and not as comfortable for aggressive balling activity. 

The Zoom Rookie weights 17.3oz which is kinda heavy for nowadays shoes due to the lightweight Foamposite materials. However, if you're true Penny fan like me it wouldn't if it performs like a beast or it's a fashion kicks. The one cent logo speaks for everything.

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