Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fly Wade 2 EV - Red / Black / White

I still haven’t completed my Wade 2 review yet after all this time. But if you’re smart, and have been reading closely enough you should sense that the Wade 2 is by far my #1 preference of performance kicks. Not only its overall sleekness, its tight hug to my feet, responsiveness under pressure, and comfortability in general should definitely be rated #1, at least for the ones I have tried up until first half of 2012.

This EV version was defined as an "upgrade" according to Nike. The major difference to the original Wade 2 instead of two well breathable upper meshes they are replaced by the famous one piece Flywire material. Which is made from four layers of lightweight synthetic materials providing lighter in weight and improved durability.

As I have mentioned before the beauth of Lunarlon other than its super responsiveness would be its "molding" feature, where the shape of your feet will eventually be "molded" into the insole making a "customized" fit.

The EV definitely had that retained and slightly improved. It feels a little softer and "bouncy" like the Max Air but much more responsive. I fell in love with it immediately since the EV version has taken the already tremendous Wade 2 to the next level in this category.

See below close ups for major difference between fuse Flywire EV vs regular. They are both fine products.

Now here is the bad. I don’t hate the fuse but you may look at the material itself as one big piece of plastic with zero ventilation. Is it worth shaving off a few ounces in exchange of breathability? Big no if you ask me. Had to take off a couple points from fusing this up, it’s more of a gimmick for JB coming out with these so called “upgraded” versions.



  1. This is a very nice shoe to wear along with lbj jersey.

  2. Very nice!! In pic & the real thing!! The backdrop is juz awesome too. I luv it :p

    1. Crazy backdrop, needs to stop doing this

    2. u can soon take portrait with that backdrop since it's getting larger and larger...hahaha...

  3. Hey bro r u based in HK? Where do u normally get your kicks? FaYuen? Planning to get Soldier6 n the original Fly Wade 2. Any advice where I can go shopping? Thanks!


  4. Hey Will sorry yoo, been away for too long and will resume updating.

    About 90% of my kicks are from either the States or local Canada. Fly Wade 2, my #1 performance sneaker so far. Get that shit and you won't regret it man. As for the Soldier 6 I have heard nothing but good things about it especially for it's price point. You can probably tell I'm not a LBJ fan as I have paid enough of his bills for buying his signatures, so I'm not planning to pick up the Soldier 6 (at least for now) even I know it performs great.

    The remaining 10% are from my buddy in HK. Not sure where the dude gets it from but he knows his way when it comes to sneakers.

    Not sure where to advise without knowing where about are you located?

  5. For the EV version, they've also changed the material used for the tongue, and whatever it is it is definitely an improvement from the first version...the original FW2 had major issues with the tongue ripping at the bottom, just above where it is stitched to the fuse. I had this problem with my pair, and know other people who did as well. It doesn't really affect your play that much unless it rips clean off (which will probably take a while), but it's just kinda wack having holes in shoes you've only worn maybe a dozen times.