Tuesday, March 20, 2012

adiZero, TECHFIT the World

Been playing on the Speedwraps for about 5 months, about time to share some thoughts on it. First off the whole purpose of having the wraps on is to prevent spraining your ankles. Of course they look cool as well especially when pairing up with my Rose 1, 1.5, 2.0, or 2.5.  =)

The adiZero SpeedWrap is an ultralight ankle brace that was designed to prevent any sort of ankle injury. Basketball players tend to land on other's foot, rolling on ankle causing an injury and this would definitely help minimizing that. It is also very flexible compare to the ones already in the market, easy to maintain as they are machine washable. Stitching, fitment and things are just great in quality overall. Extremely light in weight, very comfortable to wear that offers great compression and a tight fit. 

 The key protection area is on the lateral side where a TPU plate is built in forming a perfect ankle shape stiffening the weak area protection around your ankle.

The SpeedWraps got D Rose's printed on the box which may lead you thinking that is primarily for basketball. In fact you may also use it on all kinds of sports that exercises your feet a lot such as volleyball, soccer... etc. 
At the end of the day this is great to prevent an ankle injury which plays a very important role for me personally vs the arm sleeves that people love wearing these days that I could care less. Ankle injury takes forever to heal and would cost you time off work, unable to drive, not able to even walk properly... etc. 

This thing also make you look cool, run faster, jump higher, dunk harder.... yeah right... Lol..

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  1. Nice repot, but can I test this like I step on your shoes to see how it works?