Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is Rose Coming??

Coming back from the previous lost by the Magic, Bulls took the revenge by smoking'em big time last night.

 Santa clause is coming to town tomorrow!!! It's the Bulls playing against us at Air Canada Centre! I can finally watch him playing in person... his crossovers... his dunks... giving people facials... I was all excited months ago so I went and picked these up dreaming this whole CrazyBlackman108 thing would happen on me in one day...

Unfortunately Rose has been suffered from sore groin and have missed the past 4 games including yesterday playing the Magic. Tom Thibodeou unveiled that Rose is unlikely to return until this Saturday at United Centre playing against us. I was like.. damn! Now I'm hoping that he's at least coming still with the team coz rumor said he might be staying in Chicago for recovery... Come on.. show your face at least...

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