Saturday, October 27, 2012

Air Jordan 11 - Concord

The XI concord, one of the most anticipated among the Jordan series. A picture speaks for a thousand words...

The Air Jordan 11 features glossy black patent leather overlay and nylon mesh upper. Just like all other shoes with patent upper Eg, Melo M8, they are the king of creases and never been durable. It is also the first Jordan in the series that features full length air unit.

Ankle support should be the weakest part of the shoe as your ankle is only being supported by a piece of soft leather cup and mesh on both sides. However there is a cabon fibre plate along the entire base of foot for extra support. I'm unsure about traction as there is only herringbone under the forefoot and heel area. The rest are just clear sticky plastic which shouldn't be bad if playing in clean area.

Unfortunately my concord has started to turn yellow from the edges of the outsole as seen above, it is about time to pop these babies going for some fresh air. 

Tears dropping every time I see this...

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