Saturday, October 27, 2012

Air Jordan 9 - Johnny Kilroy

I'm not sure why but not once the Air Jordan series has appeared here ever. I figured the Jordan series has always been the most collected shoes for pretty much everyone so there is no rush to do so. As they are piling up it is about time to unveil them. Lets kick off from the first retirement announcement of MJ back in the year 1993...

Yea we have all seen this one a thousand times. But who really is #4?

Johnny Kilroy, a fictional identity who wears #4 created by Nike after Jordan's announcement of his first retirement the year after leading the Dream Team into the gold medal. The world was stunned by the announcement for him walking away in his prime, including Nike. It was the year of Air Jordan 9. Nike was shocked and in order to keep the Jordan series pumping the company has decided to create Kilroy as a fictional character who to hint MJ was only faking his own retirement, and trying to stay low to come back as quiet as possible.

The story of Kilroy is that he quietly scored 79 points in one quarter plus giving Alonzo Mourning a facial, which is only possible to be done by MJ, according to Mourning in the commercial. Although the whole idea was just to keep the Jordan series alive by following MJ's retirement, but some actually believed the existence of Johnny Kilroy and that it was true. Almost 20 years after the appearance of Kilroy I finally get to pickup a piece of the  Jordan history.

The Air Jordan the Kilroy 9 features a black platinum nubuck upper accented by red on tongue, inner shoe, pull tab and heel with Kilroy's #4 embroidered on the heel instead of the usual #23. Everything else is pretty much self spoken just like all other Jordan 9s. Haven't seen anyone actually balling on these since I was in high school, and I'm trying to be old school here within the next couple of weeks so wish me luck.

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