Thursday, May 31, 2012

adiZero Rose 2.5 - Brenda

The 2.5 Brenda is a beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful master piece when it comes to price vs look vs performance. Although I still believe the 2.0 was a better signature shoe representing the true D. Rose coz the 2.5 is looking too much alike to regular releases like the adiZero Shadow. BUT, this is an awesome performance pair of Rose with absolutely no regret even if I have bought it at full retail price then found a better deal later.

SprintFrame Chasis has a recess in the midfoot to house a miCoach unit.

adiZero Rose 2.5 features a SprintWeb overlay mid-panel that covers the inner mesh. A new heel locking system called "SprintFrame Monocoque Chasis" bonds the external heel counter with the "Torsion System", which allows high energy force return, motion control, and maximum weight reduction. Top notch injection molded EVA cushion with consistent density implemented to ensures the lightest weight ever mid-sole. 

I balled on this once which I find breaking-in isn't necessary. It hugs my feet well enough to not causing any hot spot while maintaining steady when doing cut-ins. Cushioning is really comfortable and it gives me confident for ankle protection due to its collar design. 

Beautiful looking shoes where you can see the laser beamed pattern that were marked through out the SprintWeb area. The angled geometry creates a tight protection for ankle making it easy adapt to the ground. For it's outsole features a multi-level cross section that increases surface area which also helps limiting dust / debris build up. I'm loving every detail about the 2.5. It would be perfect if they add more details to set apart then regular team shoes. And Brenda red is definitely the best looking colorway out of the 7.


  1. Wow nice shoes but I like all your shoe boxes from the back, looks familiar to me. U R trulY a shoe freak.

  2. Don't be stupid. I'm no where near your stack