Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Kobe V Party - Part 1

Did too many new shoes lately, lets slow the pace down and roll back to some of the previous sick rides. The Zoom Kobe V and VI, definitely the best of the best kicks in performance among the Kobe series since his time back with Adidas. The Kobe System VII, hmm... not feeling it as much like the previous two. It looks okay, but performance is more important to me...

I won't be getting into too much structural, design, and technologies here as if you're a sneakers fan, you already know all that. It's a low cut allowing super flexible especially the lateral side, Flywire, Zoom bag on forefoot and heel, super light weight just 10.4oz, great traction, tongue thickness was perfect forming a boot kinda tuck-in feel.... etc.

This will only be an admirable thoughts about the colorways.

Kobe V - "5 Rings"

The code name already explained itself. This was released while Kobe was on his way to pursuit his 5th Larry O' Brien trophy in 2010. I really like how the "5 Rings" designer has put together such a contrasted design of  the theme "5" into this Kobe V, a great matching scheme. There are also many visible and hidden details put into this shoes such as the "MVP" insolde, definitely worth exploring the details if you get the chance.

Am I hooping on this? I would love to and debated countless times. But you know what, nah... definitely a collector's pair.

Kobe V - "Blue / Black / White"

This blue pair kind of reminded me of the Lebron VII All-Star. It uses a different blue where the light baby blue base is backed by black mid-sole and white out-sole. Obviously Kobe has never put this on due to limitation of Laker's jersey color, but this is also a really hot one where I might hoop on this in one day.

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