Sunday, April 29, 2012

NBA Playoff 2012 Summary - Round 1

It was an excited day for all basketball fans yesterday the 28th, the 2012 NBA Playoffs has officially kicked off. I'm sure you all know about the scoring by now so let's hear a quick recap of all the ups and downs yesterday.

Please be advised that these are all my personal opinion, feel free shed some lights by leaving any comments you want.

Bulls vs 76ers - (103 : 91)

The Bulls was pretty much leading the entire game painlessly with the mood of 實食無痴牙. We had Deng pumping 100% FG on his first 3 shots. Then RIP Ham followed with number of quick jumpers in a roll pulling 11pts the first quarter. All six men and bench players were giving their best. Nothing too extraordinary tremendous for my man Rose, while maintaining the team scoring leader and knocking down a couple of threes plus a long one finishing at 23pts, 9 assists and 9 rebounds. Almost a tripple double. For some reason Tom Thibodeau never sat D Rose down with just a minute left on the 4th quarter in result of a torn ACL while he was doing a quick layup, done for the season just like that...  


The 76ers were pretty tight although they were behind the whole time. Applause to Young coz he did everything he could.

Hopefully the Bulls can keep up on their super record like the 27 games without D Rose and still winning. Lucky you Miami!!!

Heat vs Knicks - (100 : 67)

I don't think anyone would ever thought NYK would be rapped by the Heat for 33pts end of game. The Knicks was lagging and bogging like crazy through out the whole game. It's rhythum was targetted and completely destroyed by the Heat especially the 4 offensive fouls they were called in just a few minutes into the game (I strongly believe the officials were favouring the Heat here. God damn NBA...). I don't recall many team being rapped on a 32:2 play with 27 turn overs, that's simply insane! Now I'm not sure if it's also some kind of curse or what, Iman Shumpert also got his ACL torn while doing a cross over after playing 19mins in the game. The 21 years old is a very strong point guard for just serving the Knicks in his rookie season out of Georgia Tech. If he could fixes his knee I'm sure he'll have a bright future in the league. Come on Shumpert, you can do it!

With Shumpert out, Lin Lin missing from recovery, freaking Mike Bibby, Baron Davis and Toney Douglas were all playing like crap. Tyson had flu symptoms, Amar'e was soft like a sponge in Playoffs, Melo was tightly guarded by god damn LBJ in result of decreased in FG.  JR Smith was worth voicing out in such a tough situation. Their last hope, outside attack from Steve Novek and Landry got securely locked down by the Heat.

Where on the other side leading the full attack mode by Lebron, with D Wade and Mario Chalmers consistently bumping beautiful assists as supporting role, Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem being 菇呢 picking up turn overs and rebounds. Regardless how much I hate the Heat but I'll have to admit their jobs were diverted clearly and everyone was performing very well as they should.

Pacers vs Magic - (77 : 81)

You can tell right away Indiana collapsed big time during critical moment from this game no matter how well they played during the season. The Magic has given the best chance possible by missing both free throws in the critical moment and by loosing just 3 points with 16 seconds left, stupid Darren Collison almost air'ed the shot. Not to mention the final second travelling Danny Granger did giving up their last chance, wtf...

With Dwight out from injury Magic really wasn't that hard to beat. Indiana should be able to control the game's rhythm by their tight D no problem. Look at the 9 blocks from Roy Hibbert, sigh...

OKC vs Mav's - (99 : 98)

This has gotta be the best game to watch for the day with the Mavs almost took the first game advantage off the OKC. Unfortunately Dirky turned the ball over too many times in critical, but they also have to thank god for his crazy FG on free throws. Mavs has done a pretty balance job on both offence and defence. Such a comeback on Jason Terry had also gone nuts on his threes. They lost because of stupid turn overs as they seemed to have forgotten the OKC is a young athletic team. Once the ball is handed close or over the half court they're done. 

OKC wise their winning was somehow a fluke consider how poorly KD performed. I think the entire team did way too many self attack while missing on FG percentage. He definitely wasn't feeling the ball last night.

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