Sunday, April 01, 2012

2011-2012 NBA Season Standings

Apr 1st, April fool.

There are 13-16 games left varies by team in this short season until the playoff kicks off. No team's got time off for a break and to practice but almost back to back everyday since Dec 25th 2011. We are seeing loads of injuries from players among most teams like Eric Maynor, Rip Ham, D Rose, Kobe, Lin Lin, T-Mac, Jan Pargo, Ray Allen, Kyrie Irving, Ben Gordon, Steph Curry, Kevin Martin, Chauncey Billups, J J Barea, Keith Bogans, Eric Gordon, Mike Miller... even Dwight got hurt abit...

So here is how the conference standings look for now. With about 3 weeks left the craziest fights are obviously the 8th seed from each conference. The addition of Monta to the Bucks I have been extremely excited and have high hope for them to make it to the playoffs since NYK was loosing a few back to back up until last week, winning streaks started kicking again... By leading just 3 games it would be interesting to see what happen to the stock of Madison Square Garden if they weren't able to hang tight to the 8th. Lin Lin is out until at least May, GO BUCKS GO!!!

West side it's all about Denver and Utah. I'm going Denver for sure... Conference final is probably OKC so nothing too excited for the west.

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