Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Late Easter yoo.. Zoom KD 4

KD 4, the 4th signature shoes for Kevin Durant has been out for quite a few months now but already been bombarded with 15+ colorways in the market. I have always been looking out for a pair because I do like this generation of KD better compare to the 3rd and 2nd. Unfortunately I haven't been able to eye on a color I like. The Year of Dragon was awesomely nice no doubt but too hot, so nahhh, didn't feel like lining up for a pair of KDs. 

Oh well luckily, we've got the "MINT CANDY"!!


The KD 4 looks noticeably difference than last year's KD 3 although they actually shares the same shank. Compare to last year the forefoot looks a bit wider. Of course, the big eye catchy strap as well which Nike named it beautifully called "Adaptive Fit System". Many have always been complaining about the lack of Zoom bag on the previous gens of KDs. 

FYI it is the same shit on 4th, which contains a 6mm Zoom under the forefoot area. IMO you should also factor the price point of this shoe, it would cost at least $30-$80 more if it's got more bags or Air Max on it. Honestly I don't see too much of a big deal as the cushioning for the KD 4 feels pretty solid and supportive anyway, while I do pressure and exercise my forefoot A LOT more compare to heel when I hoop. Not sure if it's the same for KD himself, but it says it was "Designed and engineered to the exact specifications of Kevin Durant" so I assumed he is haha....

So this Mint Candy was created to celebrate Easter. (Yeah right, stop digging deep in my pocket Nike...) No idea how limited these were but it was pretty much all gone on the release day in the States unless you are size 18. Base color is greenish mint with a bit glossy finishing through out the entire shoe. It feels kind of weirdo when I first saw the "Adaptive Fit System" with that big ass strap from the 80's kinda thing, especially it was the glossy brownish and black combo Christmas color on KD's feet, not attractive at all. 

I obviously have changed since more and more cw were released. When you look at the picture above where the two little lace holes are for the strap, the way this "Adaptive Fit System" works is to assists on how snuggy you want your midfoot to be tied with the shoe. As simple as the more you pull on it the more that dual harness will tighten accordingly. I find this pretty good when I first putting it on because for folks like me who has narrow and skinny feet, this does help closing off the gap between the upper midfoot and the tongue creating a nice snug feeling.

I have not tried balling on the KD 4 yet but it feels great when I put it on and it seems to have great ventilation too. The Adaptive strap was a great add-on with the ability to adjust at your comfort level. Can't comment the on court performance yet for the Zoom front but it shouldn't be too bad. For those who wants to cop, you might want to consider half a size to a full size bigger than your usual size before buying because it is pretty narrow and slim, definitely try it before you buy!

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