Friday, April 13, 2012

Fly Wade 2 Christmas

After being with Converse for 6 years since he was drafted D Wade made the move by scoring a deal with Jordan Brand. Bot that it wasn't nice but never too much a fan of the Cons. The move was also supported by many folks since Cons was bought out by Nike, it makes sense to enhance the brand image to have such a great player joining. Since then D Wade's signature shoes have always been uniquely designed and paying attention to every detail. Jordan 2010 was simple, straight to the point. Then the Fly Wade was introduced as the lightest shoes ever for the Jordan brand with only 13oz and I almost pissed my pant.

Fly Wade 2 Christmas, I jumped off the chair with a broken jaw when I first saw it...

As you can see the Christmas Wade 2 is very direct with red all over the toe box, upper hyperfuse, midsole and heel area along with white laces, lining, detailing and the outsole. To further align with the Christmas theme it comes with an extra set of laces in green color completing it. Applause to SLL scoring my size for me in HK coz it was all sold out locally at launch. These are just too nice to be ruined and getting stepped on  balling so I probably won't be wearing them. But I have just popped the cherry of the Marquette Wade 2 last week so stay tuned for my upcoming review...

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  1. Nice I love the shoe but in ev version. Waiting for ur review.