Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nike Foamposite Pro

The Foamposite One was released back in 1997 as a signature shoes for Penny Hardaway, my all time favourite player. The material used and its revolutionary design has changed the way basketball shoes were made. This Foamposite Pro is basically a Foamposite One with just a slight change of it's cosmetic design. Definitely one of the best of the best sneaker from my collections.

Unlike the traditional basketball shoes which is simply a pre-cut of layers of materials such as leather, synthetic leather, plastic, Flywire.. etc stitched over on top of each other forming a shoe. Instead pretty much the entire base of the Foamposite were made of a single piece of molded polyurethane. Which is also the reason why this shoes sits at such steep price point, simply because Nike had to create a heat resistant steel mold in order to make this shoes in such a beautiful shape. The ploys also requires a cool down period after coming off the stove for it to retain it's shape, which takes quite some time to make just one pair. I really appreciate the effort from Eric Avar, Nike Innovation Creative Director and his team designing such a wonderful master piece.

Both the Foam One and Foam Pro comes with forefoot and heel Zoom. The most noticeable different is definitely the big swoosh on the Pro where it kept nice and clean on the One. I personally prefer the One over Pro like man others because of the endorsement of my man Penny. To make it simple pretty much every swoosh and the "AIR" logo on the tongue you see from the Pro were replaced by Penny's 1 cent logo on the One. Much nicer ehh.. =)

This is a shoes from 1997 back then nobody care s about ventilation, and weight was never a concern as well. So the Foam is definitely crap when it comes to these two categories. Close to zero air flow a very heavy shoes for nowadays standard. Another issue is lack of flexibility due to it's polyurethane material. Traction wise, carbon fiber shankes keeps the arch tight and stable. If Nike has never added the big ass swoosh sacrificing the extra grip otherwise herringbone should always be spectacular. Thumbs up for the One for this.

However, the booty design is a huge plus as it wraps tightly to your foot like a sock. It also does not loose its shape and stretch like the traditional leather material. The more you wear it the better the foam creates a custom "molded" feel to your feet due to the heat. It also provides an excellent impact protection from the shoes and it's sole thanks to the Zoom.

Too bad the Foam One never comes with pearl white, it is definitely one of my favourite cw!

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