Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lebron 9 - All Star... ! No...

There have been enough highlights and focuses on locust LBJ around the globe, been debating if I should even be joining the gang to talk about him or promoting his kicks. I still couldn't believe this is the 7th pairs of LBJs as a #1 hater of his, absolutely unacceptable!


All-Star LBJ 9, a very hot sneakers. Aligning with the theme of galaxy and Orlando Orange County, like most All Star releases this year featuring bright orange color base. Similar to the 8 and some of the older LeBrons with Zoom Air 180. The 9s have added some extra cushioning around the outter-ankle area. Excellent ankle lockdown and overall great balancing between comfort vs performance. Beware these are only my thoughts after trying the shoes on because I have made a promise to myself that I will not be hooping on any LBJ ever, so I can't comment on-court performance.

Unlike the regular LeBron 9, the tongue of this All-Star has engraved his usual symbol,  a lion plus a lightning tail thingy, also with his number and initial "LBJ6". There are also two small pieces of grey attachment on each shoe indicating a pull up for a full lock down that are not available on regular LBJ 9. which is also available on other LBJ 9s.

I am unsure if I will ever put these on ball as values are kinda high on them. It's also not easy to match'em with the right outfit. Pictures speaks for a thousand words, what do you think... ?

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