Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Melo M8 Review

Finally I broke the virginity of the Orangement M8 on Monday. This shit was simply amazing!
But let's start with the bad first...

The first thing I didn't like was the tongue. Why the heck would they make it soooo damn short so if you tie the laces it almost lost itself and fell off the entire tongue cushioning if you tie it to by the rear-est hole towards your ankle. I had to sacrifice the tight lock down but using the hole in front, STUPID!

Second issue, the shoe laces were insane long. You can probably tell by the pic above of how massive long they are. I tried shortening it by slipping them through both holes but it created problem on the tongue. It would definitely slip through it and hot spotting my leg after like 10 seconds of hard balling. STUPID #2

Third, this thing has little to zero ventilation. The whole shoe's overlay and toe area were sealed off by patent leather. The only tiny area that provides slight ventilation is probably the soft tongue where minimal air can slip through when running on court. My feet were like baking in there during just my first game of the night.

That's about it for the bads. Other then those the M8 performed awesomely good. As I mentioned before it was graded A in various reviews, which I find they are pretty close and accurate. Good gripping is very important to me as I do a lot of slashing and instant stopping being a SF, and the M8 has delivered. It definitely didn't look very promising visually but grip was surprisingly good. The Zoom Air front and Air Max rear combo eased off quite a bit of pressure when landing, it did have that "bouncy feeling" thingy. The inner shoe has also given an excellent foot wrapping experience which minimized the movement inside. Ankle lockdown was good, but not perfect. I found the Rose 2.5 and 2.0 did a better job on this. Note that I was going to try play without my SpeedWraps but due to the stupid design of holes and laces combo I did put it on for the second half of the night, which instantly boosted the overall feeling and added extra confident when driving,  cutting into the opponents.

I would rate M8 a B++ overall, really close to A-. 
B for value. This is a must cop if you're a baller.

The poor guy were creased up and jammed into each other by the owner after just the first night. Tried my best cleaning it but still, permanently marked ...  -_-

The dude creased up big time, so sad..

Stupid dusty court, how can one dare not cleaning the thing right away?


  1. Nice melo I love this shit. Go NYK

  2. The lace is too long because u tide it too tight which means ur foot is too slim.

    1. My feet has no meat yes but it can't be that much of a different. The laces are just too long. But I have to admit this shit is awesome. Comparable to my Roseies, just comparable... =)