Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Act of Valor

If you haven't heard of Act of Valor, you're just a mumbo jumbo.

Ok fine, I'll withdraw what I said especially if you're female species reading my stuff, Act of Valor is indeed a men's movie. If you're into modern warfare battles like myself then this film is for you. I ditched the wife to see this one alone on the release day, that's how good it is. The fact that it is based on real life true story may also attract some of you. However do not expect too much of a deep, strong story line, acting are also so and so.

I like the idea of how this movie is packed with all types of armies, Navy SEALS of course, ground and air support, also outlined the importance of intel collection, real time communication, tactic insertions and strategic plannings in a true battle co-ordinating situation. Not much of a story line but linking various rescue and stealth missions in different environments / battlefields. It is no doubt a great commercial film where all the characters in the film have been portrayed by active Navy SEALS, and I must say the actors looks pretty convincing. (定話演員D戲太屎?)

Navy SEALS 都係用20D加支噴綠咗嘅小白嚟收集情報, 我部40D簡直係超哂班 HAHA!!


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