Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nike Air Lebron Slide

This has gotta be one of the craziest purchase I ever made. Never thought about picking it up until it went on sale and was able to stacking it with the birthday discount code offered, what the heck and picked these up for the hell of it. Too bad it wasn't the nicest South Beach cw but good enough.

The Lebron slide displays a pretty sleek look in white and black donning LBJ's signature lion and the LJ crown branding throughout the white premium synthetic leather upper to the lateral side. It is an adjustable upper closure for durability and personalized fit. 

Famous Phylon material were chosen on the footbed along side with 180 Max Air on the heel providing ultra soft cushioning. I have been wearing these for over a week and very impressed by it's built and comfort level overall. IMO excellent quality of material were used throughout the slide. The only down side is the weight, they're little too heavy due to its material used and the Air bag I assume.

As you can see the iconic traction pattern was inspired and aligning with the Lebron 8 scheme. I have never rocked on a pair LBJ before but I can feel the traction by wearing this slides, which there was an occasion I almost tripped and fell, that's how great the grip is on this.

The Lebron slide was designed for outdoor environment, but instead I have and will be using them for indoors only which I found the weight was making a different when wearing indoor for an extended period. It is an innovative design by Nike but a steep price point for a pair of slide. Not sure if it's worth the value compare to a certain models of Jordan brand slides, try before you buy.


  1. hmmm...u have juz gone a little bit too

  2. I told you that you are a true fan of lbj. Just admit this shit and buy more lbj shoes. Opps almos miss it, buy his

    1. LBJ will do what you did to him in 2K12 when grabbing rebound, no jersey needed