Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Bet - KD or LBJ??

Have you ever been in an argument with a person before where you were fighting hard trying hold your ground, in other hand your opponent is doing the same trying to tackle it? Until a point where you both gave up and betting on some insane shit that you have never thought of? Here is the deal…

So the 3 of us have been battling if LeBron will be getting his first title ever or not this year. Actually this has came up once already last year but thanks to the Mavs slapping them big time in their faces last minute stopping the tragedy. Unfortunately same topic goes on once again 2 year in a roll.

Two of the three (DN and myself) were strongly against team Miami like we always did and one was a crazy big time fanboy (SLL), such a fXXker. DN started off by saying the same thing last year, “if LBJ gets his ring I will stop watching NBA for life”. Hmm it's cool and I know where he's coming from, but to a certain point this has gone way too extreme, it'd be real stupid to follow.

Me and SLL then did a side bet which I then regretted it immediately, if team Miami win this year, which means LeBron is getting his first ring ever in the year where he also owned the MVP, I will then buy his jersey and putting it on for a month. YES, a Miami Heat’s jersey with James #6 at the back for a FULL – 30 – DAYS bloody hell!!! This guy who has also added a condition, which I will have to pop any pair of LBJ together when wearing the jersey. He committed vice versa for that if the Heat lose. Regardless, stupidest mistake ever made, WTF…

I have made a promise to myself where I will never put on a pair of LBJ ever no matter how many pairs I own so I don't look like a looser.

Game 1 final is starting in 5 mins, keeping my fingers crossed....


  1. lol...the 3 of u are juz cracking me up :D but go okc go...hahaha...

  2. 2 wins away from getting the jersey, which color will u buy?

  3. don't be stupid. I should have 10-20% chance still

  4. I can't wait to Witness how this mofo wears full gear lbj jersey with lbj kicks.