Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jordan CP3 III

Finally getting to the sneaker of one of the most anticipated guards in the NBA. The 3rd signature shoe of Chris Paul CP3 III. This is a very comfortable shoe to ball in and I'm liking every detail on the shoe. One thing when I look at a pair of sneakers, its uniqueness separating it from all other shoes from the same brand or other brandings. Unlike the LBJ 10, I still find it looking very much alike the HyperDunk 2012. Which you can kinda tell they were both coming from the similar design base in shape.

The overall design of the CP3 III captures the speed, power, and finesse of CP. The shoe is made with leather, synthetic, and mesh upper with overlay stitching for support and style. The midsole is made with full-length Phylon for excellent flexibility. Combined with midsole pillars for increased cushioning and providing maximized response.

There are a lot of fine details added to the CP3 III through out both medial and lateral on the leather. This cw was one of the dopest I like back in the days when CP was still with the Hornets. I call this design "the boat" (船仔 look) and I'm glad that the Jordan brand was able to keep the overall design boat shape from the first CP3 all the way to the 6th. (Look at how much Kobe and LBJ's series have changed since their first...)

Is this a shoe that would keep you comfortable like shoes with Zoom or Max Air? No. In fact most might find its insole little too stiff. Is this a shoe that is breathable? No. The only area that allows air circulation is pretty much the tongue with very little holes on it. The rest is covered by synthetic and leather material.

Now here is the best part although I have never balled with it. If you're a Paul's fan you will notice Paul usually drags his toes when he instantly changes direction. In order to protect the shoe from a lot of rigor this shoe was engineered specifically for Chris Paul as the toe box contained special abrasion dots to intensify Paul's durability.

Just by looking at the traction not only it is herringbone, the Podulon provides player great explosiveness and cover lots of ground while maintaining comfortability thanks to the Cushlon foam located under the forefoot. 

I'm in a hurry to get this out now and will describe more about Podulon on the upcoming CP IV post for those who has no idea what it is. (Great if you already know!!)

Just picked up the new CP3 VI Olympics with SLL together (damn you and now we got dragged into deeper shit together) and greatly looking forward for its excellent performance by the way it was designed. Therefore I will be popping my first pair of CP shoes next Monday testing out how it does on court. Hopefully I will have enough time to then try out the CP IV before moving on the my CP VI. (Will skip the V)

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