Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adidas Super Beast - St Patrick's Day - DH

As usual trending, many shoes from the 3-stripes have always needed either from a very strong push of an endorsement to a star, or a well known popularity of their historical models such as the Adidas original off court designs. There is no difference in the Howard signature series. Based on my observation it is much easier for Nike to come up with bunch of weirdo looking, low-medium performance balling kicks but still sells decently well, where it is completely opposite on the stripes side. But this doesn't decrease my love of Adidas. They're honestly missing some sick undeniable kicks on court, but this Super Beast has definitely taken my heart away.

The Super Beast St Patrick's Day has received a significant in material compare to the regular Super Beast. The entire shoe is done in vibrant intense green comprised of synthetic materials and SprintSkin panels on both medial and lateral sides. Some would not consider the Super Beast part of the DH series because of its name "Howard" was never mentioned as part of the shoe. But with #12, autograph, and even DH's face was printed on the tongue, it is hard to argue the Super Beast not part of the DH families. He was pretty much the only dude in the league wearing these as well.

The Super Beast St Patrick's Day may not win over everyone, but it is one of the best cw imo. The 3 stripes in white is contrasting on the side wall as well as the midsole. Vibrant green was also used on finishing the entire Z shaped Twist-Torsion outsole and cushioning. 

The true performance of the Super Beast is still unknown for me. But I can comment after quickly trying it on, it is definitely decent plus. Cushion feels very comfortable and it does gives me the slight push-back feeling coming from a land. Overall flexibility and ankle support feels great as well. Shoe itself is light enough thanks to the SprintSkin panels with added ventilation. Keep in mind these were designed to be used by centre so not sure how well it handles quick responsive turns and direction changing for guards. Traction is still TBD but will provide an update when I get to ball with these.

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