Sunday, September 09, 2012

Melo M8 - Original Knicks Away CW

Again been away for long enough, no excuse this time but being a lazy ass. Loads of sneakers picked up and awaiting to be posted and tried on. Not sure why I chose the M8 again to start off from this long rest. But if you have been following the M8 is definitely one of my top 5 performance sneaker despite that fact most sneaker heads have never liking this model for some reason. I think it's hot as hell...

I have lost count to the total number of M8s I owned (I believe 6 or 7). This is the original launch away colorway of the NYK. Beautiful glossy patent leather on the outter base with black nubuck and Flywire securing the mid-foot and ankle. Crazy match up with the blue NYK away jersey.

There is not more to say about the M8 as I have posted various colorways plus a review. Mostly herringbone traction, 10mm forefoot Zoom bag, Max Air 180 heel, mixed of best technologies all in one.

Enjoy the rest of the pics, see below for a recap of last year's M8 launch event (MUST SEE the vid if you have never seen).

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