Monday, September 10, 2012

Lebron 9 - Summit Lake Hornets

Decided to try finishing up all my owned Lebron write-ups so expect more coming the next little while.

The Summit Lake Hornets, one of the most anticipated colorways of the LBJ 9 series. I can’t say if this is one of the best 9s but definitely the top 3 for me. Not sure if I will ever be popping this pair at the end but its been tempted countless times.

The Summit Lake Hornets colorway was first introduced in the LBJ Zoom Soldier II series 4 years back, then officially hit the LBJ signature line on the LBJ 6 and become a staple ever since. It was paying tribute to LBJ’s first ever REC League team.  

Just like every other LBJ 9 regular, Zoom bag on the front with Max Air under the heel. The Summit Lake Hornets features a perfect bright purple synthetic base, hits of orion blue accents and white throughout with an official team logo appears on the heel pull tab.

This is just as lovely looking as the Christmas 9s, I had the exact same shocking blow out when first saw the leaked images. (Why the hell would such a nice shoe falls under an A-hole’s signature line…) Now these needs to first find the best matching balling short to go with it. (The turquoise Kobe might go).

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