Friday, November 02, 2012

Lebron 10 - Cutting Jade

The Lebron 9 was a huge huge huge success. Despite the fact how dislike this guy is to be for many,  not only Nike has released counltess number of cw, as well as low tops, soldiers, and all other related sports wears. In Can the Lebron 10 picked up the huge hype off such a successful sneakers?

I had previously decided to stop picking up no more Lebron as I'm so done with this guy, can't pay for his bills no more. But this Cutting Jade X dragged me back into the shit hole once again. Mainly this is not only my first time trying the new cushion tech called the Air Zoom Max by Nike, also I had the chance dipping on this very limited awesome Cutting Jade colorway, thanks to my buddy SLL and JW (店長).

Lets begin with the most eye catchy part of the shoe, the Zoom Max cushion. You can tell what it is simply from the name. It is a mixture of Zoom unit with 360 Max air unit. I was very impressed by the cushion on my initial trying on the shoe. Yes it wasn't on the court but I could feel the spring bounciness immediately especially the forefoot. This portion is definitely a beast and huge plus in performance, where the Lebron 9 was lacked off.

Traction wise it is somehow similar to the Lebron 9 while redesigning the grooves in the forefoot, the 10 has a simplified version of traction pattern. A big "X" is marked on the heel where the grooves can diverse the pressure into 4 areas during heel strikes. There shouldn't be any traction issue at all imo as the grip feels just as solid as a full herringbone.

The Cutting Jade was supposed to be a China only release when it was first revealed. Obviously it was very limited in the States side but at least they weren't true Asia exclusive. As you can see not only the Jade Hyperfuse color, many more details were also added to the inner tongue and boot area to stiffen its characteristics of the ancient Chinese when handling a jade.


  1. Nice shoes. You keep helping him on his monthly bills, I must say thank you on behalf of lbj. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. u like ljb...just admit it...hahahaha :p